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With over 25 years of service, Crown Colony Pediatrics is dedicated to their patients & families. We look to develop & grow as your family grows. Our doctors provide newborn care through South Shore Hospital and Children’s Hospital of Boston. Our network of specialists & practitioners includes our close affiliation with South Shore Hospital and Children’s Hospital of Boston. WAITING AREA We have two waiting areas, sick and well. The well waiting room is for check-ups and recheck visits only. The sick waiting room is for sick children with communicable diseases or illnesses. A cold is considered a communicable illness and may be dangerous for a newborn or young infant. Please sit in the sick room with your children if they are ill. If you are unsure of where to wait, you may ask the nurse for assistance. We need your cooperation to provide a safe environment for all the patients. Parents are responsible for supervising their children in either waiting room. NOTE: If your child is actively vomiting, has a rash, difficulty breathing, or high fever, please notify the front desk and we will immediately evaluate and isolate the child if necessary. DURING YOUR VISIT After you are brought down to the exam room, we ask that you remain in the room with your child. Please bring an extra diaper when you come in for an office visit as we usually need to remove the diaper to examine the child. We ask that you do not allow your child to touch any medical equipment as it is expensive and difficult to repair. Please do not allow your child to play with the scale. NOTE: If your child needs to use the bathroom while waiting to see the doctor, please ask before allowing them to go the bathroom. A urine sample may be needed. The office is equipped with books and toys for the children to play with while waiting for the doctor. It helps to read a book to your child about visiting the doctor before your visit (Bernstein Bears or Books by Richard Scarry). This familiarizes the child with a routine exam and helps to alleviate some anxiety. NUT FREE ZONE Our office is a nut free zone.
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