Vaccine Policy

Our vaccine policy follows the schedule outlined by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics)

Crown Colony Pediatrics DOES NOT see patients who choose to not vaccinate.

Please click here for our vaccine policy.

Medical Records Policy

Please click here for our medical records policy.

No Show/ Late Cancelation Policy

Crown Colony Pediatrics defines a "no show" as any appointment you do not cancel at least 24 hours in advance. This includes appointments you do not call to cancel at all, and simply do not show up for. While we understand situations arise wherein you are not able to keep your appointment, when you take the time to cancel, this allows us to open our unused appointments in a timely manner to better serve the needs of all of our patients. We feel that continuity of care is vey important, thus have implemented the following policy: 1st No Show- you will receive a postcard or a letter regarding the missed appointment. 2nd No Show- You will be sent a letter reminding you of our policy and a warning that if there is a 3rd No Show, you will be asked to find a new medical practice. 3rd No Show- you will be asked to leave the practice and find a new pediatrician. We will see you for 4 weeks post the 3rd No Show for urgent care and follow-up visits only, and will be happy to work with you to get the medical records needed so you can smoothly transition to a new practice. Thank you for your understanding. Effective September 9, 2021

Late Patients

If you are more than 15 minutes late for a well-child visit, you may have to reschedule for another day/time.

If you are more than 15 minutes late for a sick visit, we will do our best to work you back into the schedule; however, there may be a wait.

Walk-In Patients

At this time we do not have walk-in times, please call our office (617) 471-3411 to schedule an appointment for you child to be seen.


Our practice prides itself on efficiency through use of technology. We encourage you to consult our website, register for and use our patient portal, MyChart. Once activated, it will allow you to participate in Telehealth medicine, communicate with the office, receive appointment reminders, and access other important information.

Medical Home

We work hard to provide comprehensive medical care and serve as your medical home. To that end, we expect that you contact our office FIRST before seeking specialty care, or heading to another provider for urgent care. We want to be involved in either providing care in our office where appropriate, or referring you to the most appropriate specialist and helping to coordinate your care. Whenever you do see a specialist, we ask that you request a report to be sent directly to our office so we may stay informed and have the most up-to-date information in your medical record.

8 Reasons why you should call us first.

Nurse Visits

Visits may be scheduled with a nurse for immunizations and occasionally for lab draws if approved/ordered by one of our providers. All other patient evaluation requires a visit with a provider.

After Hours Phone Calls

Please limit calls after hours to emergency questions only. All routine and non-urgent calls should be directed to the office during regular office hours. There is a dosage chart for Tylenol & Motrin click here for this chart.

Daycare/Camp/School/Sports Forms

We are happy to fill out forms that you may need for your child that require a provider signature. However, HIPAA laws prevent us from being able to fax them to your child’s daycare, camp or school. Please allow up to 7 business days.

After Hours/Weekend & Holiday Charges

Hours outside of 8am-5pm M-F may incur additional charges.

ADHD/ADD Follow Up & Refills

  • Most ADHD/ADD medications (Concerta, Vyvanse, Adderall, Focalin, and Ritalin) are controlled medications. Standing refills are not legal on controlled medications. They cannot be phoned in to the pharmacy or sent electronically; they require a paper prescription.
  • Only your child’s primary care physician will authorize refills or new prescriptions for a controlled medication.
  • In order to avoid any lapse in prescription, it is important to request a refill from your child’s PCP one week prior to when it is needed.
  • Any child who is on ADHD/ADD medications is required to follow up in the office with their primary care physician every at least every 3-6 months; more often if they are encountering difficulties.
  • Changes in medication or doses may require an office visit.
  • Our office policy is that a parent or legal guardian with appropriate ID is required to pick up medication.


Crown Colony Pediatrics is dedicated to the health and well-being of our patients. Since our patients are young children and adolescents, we rely on parents/guardians to support us in their care. Separation and divorce can present our practice with unique challenges; therefore, it is important we articulate our practice philosophy to avoid misunderstandings. 

1. In general, we ask that parents/guardians NOT place our office in the middle of family disagreements. If parents/guardians become disruptive to our organization or there is non-compliance with this policy, we reserve the right to terminate the patient/doctor relationship so care can be transferred to another practice.  

 2. Either parent or legal guardian can schedule an appointment for their child, be present for a visit, have access to the child(ren)’s MyChart portal, and/or obtain copies of medical records unless a COURT ORDER has been presented to our office RESTRICTING a parent/guardian’s rights. If you have a court order, please provide a copy to our office immediately upon receiving. If the court order changes at any point, it is your responsibility to provide us with an updated copy. We will assume the last copy we have on file is the current agreement/order.  

  3. We are contractually obligated to collect copays at the time of a visits, therefore, the parent/guardian that brings the child in for an appointment is responsible for copays or insurance deductibles at the time of service, even if the other parent/guardian is responsible for medical insurance. We will NOT mediate financial disputes between parents. Any disputes about reimbursement for medical expenses need to be settled between parents/guardians.   

4. A parent/guardian must accompany a child to WELL VISITS. If a stepparent should bring your child in for these visits, we must have a “Consent for Treatment” on file with that adult’s name within the past year. In circumstances when it is unclear whether the attending adult has the right to consent or treat, we may call you for a one-time authorization, or we reserve the right to require the well visit to be rescheduled to a time a parent/guardian can be present.   

5. Additionally, we will NOT: 

 - Call the non-accompanying parent/guardian for consent prior to treatment or inform the other parent/guardian whenever visits are scheduled  

 - Restrict either parent/guardian’s involvement in your child(ren)’s care unless authorized by law  

 - Tolerate appointment scheduling/cancelling (or no show) patterns of behavior between parents 

 - Call the non-accompanying parent/guardian following visits. It is the responsibility of the accompanying parent to communicate with the other parent/guardian about the patient’s care and any relevant information regarding follow up care for the child

Non-Discrimination Policy

In accordance with all applicable State and Federal Laws, Crown Colony Pediatrics does not discriminate against patients on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or sexual orientation.

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