Before going to the Emergency Room

In non-emergency situations, you should call the office during regular hours. We take calls all day and most calls can be handled by the receptionists or the nurses. There is a nurse assigned to answer routine calls during regular business hours everyday. Again we will always see a sick child at your request.

After office hours, our answering service will take emergency or sick calls only. Please do not call the answering service for appointments.

Unless you have a life threatening emergency, do not take your child to a hospital or clinic without calling us first. One of the doctors is always available to talk with you.

8 Reasons why you should call us first

Remember if you are sent to the emergency room by one of the physicians, then please call the office the following business day so we may take care of any referrals required by your insurance company.

After Hours Answering Service Protocol:

When you are calling the answering service, please remember the following:

  1. State your name, child’s name, and the need to speak with the physician
  2. State your phone number
  3. Make a list of the symptoms or the issue you need addressed
  4. Keep the phone line open so that the doctor can reach you without delay
  5. Keep Pen and Paper next to the phone, so you can take notes when the doctor calls
  6. If you have not received a call back within 30 minutes, CALL the service back. Sometimes errors are made in recording the messages or phone number, and we truly want to be able to call you back


In order for the doctor to return your emergency call after office hours you must deactivate your block by pressing *87

You are able to re-activate this service after we call you by pressing *77

There is no cost to you for this procedure

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