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Crown Colony Pediatrics has been proudly serving the greater Quincy community since 1983. We are a team of 5 Board Certified Pediatricians & members of the American Academy of Pediatrics. We have dedicated our practice to caring for our patients & their families as they grow. We believe wellness & care go hand in hand. As our practice continues to grow, we recognize the importance of providing personalized care to each child. At Crown Colony Pediatrics, we know the value of investing our time in your family to ensure your child’s health & well-being are a priority. We are part of the Boston Children’s Hospital PPOC network. The Pediatrics Physicians’ Organization at Children’s is a preferred Community of Care provider group. Our close affiliation to South Shore Hospital & Boston Children’s Hospital provides our team a broader network of specialists & practitioners to access. It gives us the tools to meet your child’s needs as they change over the years.

Upcoming Events

  • Pre-Natal Orientation Zoom Meetings

    We are excited to offer expecting moms and dads the opportunity to meet with out pediatricians via Zoom! It is a nice way for you to connect with the practice, ask questions and learn some of the important details about our practice. We will be offering these sessions on the dates listed below at 8:30am.  

    Please call the office to register and we will send you a Zoom link!

    Dates: August 1 & 22, September 12 & 26

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Thanks to all of you who have made our first two COVID-19 vaccine clinics such a success! We have opened up another clinic for ages 5-11 for this Sunday, November 21, 2021 for anyone still wanting to schedule their child's first dose. You can do this right through your My Chart app! 

For any questions regarding this vaccine, please refer to the links shared below and to the left. 

Ask the Pediatrician: COVID-19 Roundup 

We'll see you at the next clinic! 


Great News! We have received limited doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for our 5-11 year old patients. We will be sending scheduling invites through My Chart later today, and you will be able to schedule your child's vaccine appointment at one of our upcoming clinics directly through your portal. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE TO SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT!!

Since we have limited doses, appointments will fill up fast and will be first come, first served. As soon as we have more doses, we will open up more dates. If you you do not get an appointment right away, and do not want to wait for additional dates to be announced, we encourage you to check with your local pharmacies and/or your town offices. 


Thank you,

Crown Colony Pediatrics


Crown Colony Pediatrics is happy to announce that we will be holding COVID-19 vaccine clinics for our 5-11 year old patients beginning as early as this coming Sunday, November 7, 2021. While we understand you may have some concerns surrounding this vaccine, all of our doctors here at CCP support this vaccine, its safety and efficacy, and do recommend this vaccine for our patients, We as parents and pediatricians have all made the decision to vaccinate our own eligible children, but understand you may have some questions- for general questions we refer you to the links on the homepage of our website for healthychildren.org and the American Academy of Pediatrics. We also recommend you visit www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/vaccines

Please stay tuned to this website for more information regarding booking your child's vaccine. At this time, we ask that you do not call the office to book your vaccine appointment, rather watch your inbox for a My Chart message on how to book your own appointment(s) with our nursing staff for your child's Covid-19 vaccine. This information will be coming very soon! 

Thank you for your trust and your patience,

Crown Colony Pediatrics

Cancellation Policy Reminder:

We understand unplanned issues arise once you have scheduled an appointment with us. We respectfully ask that you notify us at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise you may be subjected to a $25 cancellation fee. This policy will allow us to open our unused appointments in a timely manner to better serve the needs of all of our patients. Thank you for your understanding. Effective April, 1, 2021


Crown Colony Pediatrics is using telemedicine to treat patients when the physician deems it appropriate. Our remote visit software allows us to connect with patients via computer, tablet or cell phone.  Our office is able to send a link which connects a parent or patient to the doctor’s virtual waiting room, and from there, the doctor completes the connection to start the visit. The virtual connection allows for reduced exposure to contagious illnesses and saves time as parents don’t have to travel to our physical office and in some cases may even save a trip to the emergency room.

There is still some uncertainty with regard to insurance coverage and copay responsibilities. Because the telemedicine visits often happen spontaneously and in lieu of a phone call, you may want to check with your insurance company proactively to determine if these types of visits are covered for your child.

Most insurances are covering services related to COVID 19 illnesses. The individual insurance companies determine their own policies and are ever changing. Please consult your insurance carrier to see the specific details about coverage policies.

COVID-19 Information:

10/21/2021 COVID-19 Update

A reminder there is still a statewide mask mandate for medical facilities. Please remember  to wear a mask at a times whten in the Crown Colony Pediatrics office. We appreciate your cooperation!  

3/24/21 COVID-19 Update

In accordance with current AAP guidelines, children of all ages diagnosed with Covid-19 should have a cardiac clearance visit approximately 2 weeks following diagnosis, and after completion of the recommended isolation period. Please call the office to schedule.

1/7/2021 COVID-19 Update

We want to thank you for your commitment to Crown Colony Pediatrics. We are constantly looking at ways to keep everyone as safe as possible. When this whole pandemic began in mid- March of 2020 we made some changes to our operations. Most if not all of these changes are still in place. We thought that it would be a good idea that we review them with you again as some of you have not been in recently and things keep evolving and changing.

·       Schedule- Mornings- we continue to schedule our newborn/well visit/non- contagious children in the mornings before lunch as we trying to create some space between the sick and well patients. Occasionally there is some overlap so we are working hard to minimize the time you are spending in the office.

Afternoons- these are for our sick patients- both virtual and in office visits. When you call the office, please be clear about the symptoms that your child is experiencing or not experiencing so we can appropriate schedule your visit.

·       If your child is scheduled for a well visit but has been exposed to a COVID positive person in the preceding 3-5 days or is experiencing COVID symptoms- you will be asked to reschedule the Well Visit and schedule either a virtual or in person office visit depending on the severity of the symptoms..

·       We ask that when possible only the patient and one healthy parent/guardian come in for the visit. Please leave siblings home to minimize the people in the office.

·       Please be prepared to answer questions about your travel and people that you have been exposed to in the last 14 days. 

·       We ask that patients call us when they get to the parking lot so we can check you in for the visit. Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment, as you will be asked a list of questions and will be required to pay any copay or balance that is due- either you can do this on My Chart or we can take your credit card over the phone.

·       If your child has been exposed to a COVID positive person and but have no or mild symptoms (runny nose) and you are seeking a COVID test-a virtual visit will be scheduled to determine the appropriate time frame to do the testing.  

·       If your child has been exposed to a COVID positive person and has moderate symptoms, an in-person visit will be scheduled and testing will be determined during the visit.

Because things are, rapidly changing with our approach to Coronavirus based on CDC and Department of Public Heath guidance and mandates;-please stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for the most recent updates.  

We are also encouraging patients to sign up for our patient portal- MyChart- there are so many wonderful aspects of the patient portal that can save you time. You can pay any balance or copays, print a copy of your child’s well visit, schedule flu shot and well visits, obtain lab results and much more.  We now offer virtual visits (when appropriate) and these visits can be accessed through MyChart. Please call the office Mon-Fri and we can assist you with signing up!

We kindly thank you for your patience,

Dr.’s Angus, Brzozowska, Corkins, Natkin, Urquhart and staff

Crown Colony Pediatrics

9/1/2020 - Mask Policy

Update on our mask policy during the COVID 19 pandemic:

The purpose of masks is to keep respiratory droplets from reaching others to aid with source control. However, masks with one-way valves or vents allow air to be exhaled through a hole in the material, which can result in expelled respiratory droplets that can reach others. This type of mask does not prevent the person wearing the mask from transmitting COVID-19 to others. Therefore, CDC does not recommend using masks for source control if they have an exhalation valve or vent. At this time we are asking anyone that is coming into the office follow the CDC guideline and  NOT wear a mask with a valve as it does not provide protection for others that you may come into contact with and we are working hard to keep our staff and patients safe. Thank you for understanding.

GSK Consumer Healthcare Recall - Children's Robitussin & Children's Dimetapp. Click Here for more information.

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